Corona to karo na


They say that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. The corona virus pandemic, provided it doesn’t kill us, had done that to us. In more ways than one, it has made us stronger and made us look at things, acts and conditions which we either didn’t look at thinking it to be implausible or didn’t care to look at (it can’t possibly happen, never happened in the past, and so on!)

From the way we live on a very animal level, to the way we interact, entertain, work or travel, nothing is the same anymore and from the looks of it, likely to be this way for a very, very long time. This has in fact been in the offing for quite some time now though for entirely different reasons. All it took was a pandemic of epic proportions to change things entirely.

On a different note, our emptying out of public space in large numbers means those are now open to its original, natural inhabitants, animals, birds and other living beings. For the next fortnight, dogs, cats and other animals which till now lived in the shadows either out of fear or force shall for once take to the street without any fear. Paradoxically what has forced us humans indoors to the safety of our homes to live trembling in fear is something we cannot even see!

In these time when we are asked to go back in time be about life, the way we earn, work, share or celebrate, its important that we realize that the only way out to be one above the adversary is to (till a vaccine is invented) go back to simpler days and simpler ways. We tell you all about it below

  1. Washing hands! In the good-old days, we were expect to wash hands vigorously. Viruses weren’t on our minds as much as the dirt. But the act do its bit. Today, that one habit of taking copious quantities of soap and rubbing it vigorously all over the hands including the spaces between the fingers, the tip of the fingers where the nails meet the first digit of the finger, ALL can likely save our lives. Right from keyboards of computers to door handles to bell switches to supports and so on, every place can be a haven of Covid 19 waiting to be touched by an unsuspecting hand. And the same hand going to the face, specifically eyes, nose and mouth, then becomes the perfect carrier of this disease. Washing hands with soap is thus the primary defence against this pandemic. DON’T SCROUNGE ON SOAP TODAY. Once the problem at hand is done with, you can go back to your miserly ways. If you are short of soap, use hand-sanitizers with a minimum 60% alcohol which too does the job equally well.
  1. Stop smoking! Our elders went soar in the throat (pun unintended) telling us not to smoke. Some still think smoking may take care of the virus in the throat. Well, it does NOT! Instead, what you get is more trouble as it takes away much needed moisture from the throat! Well, if that’s not what you are looking for, STOP SMOKING RIGHT AWAY!
  1. Sleeeeeep! Times were when people slept when things went dark and go up with the first light of the day. And they remained resoundingly rested and healthy. Sleep incidentally is the time when our bodies recuperate. It’s the time when our immune system repairs itself and gets ready for another round of fighting.
  1. Eat and drink right! If you live to eat, turn it around. You ought to eat to live and not just that, you ought to eat right! Fresh fruits and veggies are recommended but not excessive carbs. Get your share of Vitamin C and D from fruits like Citrus. With the throat being the primary organ to be infected, drink lots of liquids, preferably warm with a mix of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, honey and Indian Ashwagandha. Cooped up in one place gets you melancholic, the perfect companion of the alcoholic! Do drink but in moderation. In these times when you remain home bound, eating the right stuff can get you in the right and positive mood of a fighter besides upping your immune system.

  1. Exercise at home! With the need to quarantine oneself, you would in most cases be alone, and if not handled the right way, could be bored, irritated and feel low. To remain cheerful, its necessary to get going physically which could include things like:
  • Meditatation! Breathing deep firstly fills our lungs and brain with much-needed oxygen which besides making our bodies function better, takes away the blues. Another benefit of breathing and concentrating on it is that it gets our mind off whatever is making us feel low. Stock-market crashes, the inability to go out, inability to meet friends and acquaintances etc could get us low. One good way to get into the right mood is to breath deep while keeping these concerns in the corner. Meditation helps you do just that


  • Yoga! One of the best ways to exercise and remain toned and strong is Yoga! Most poses do not need big open spaces and can be attempted even in the confines of most homes. In Yoga, the following poses help immensely:
    • Sukh Asana of Pranayam! One of the most recognized of yogic poses, it involves sitting cross-legged on any flat surface with the hands resting on the knees with the palms facing upward. The thumb and index fingers should touch forming the Gyana mudra. While breathing, the tongue should be turned upwards into a “U” shape so that the breath is thru a tunnel. In case one runs a temperature, breathing in this form should be done for a minimum of three minutes for desirable results.

      • The Ardha Matsyendrasana or the half lord of the fish pose! A seated pose, it involves twisting the spine 90 degrees to look backwards. It should be attempted ONLY when one has reasonable stretch in the spine and hip joints. For those home bound these days, it helps stretch the spine and outer hip, besides the chest and shoulder. Besides stretching, the twisting action is said to invigorate the pancreas to secrete insulin and aid in digestion of food. Twisting and stretching also promotes breathing which aids in taking away negativity.
      • Uttanasana or the Standing Forward Bend Pose: It’s a forward bending pose where the torso is bent downwards from the hip joint (never from the waist) with the intention of the face touching the lap. Beside the obvious stretching of the entire back and the back of the legs and buttocks, it sends blood racing to the sinuses and mucus membrane of the face, especially of the eyes and nose- areas very critical to keep any kind of viral infection at bay.
      • Legs propped up on the wall (Viparita Karani): Sitting all day long in one pose tends to have blood drained to the lower body. This is one pose which can be attempted at any time to get blood to flow right back to the head and heart. While getting the nervous system to work better, it helps ward of most kinds of illnesses.         
      • Downward facing dog pose or the Adho mukha svanasana where one goes right on his/ her hands and legs with the body bending from the hip, is a great way to recharge the sinuses be it in case of any illnesses or generally. WBCs, our body’s fighter cells move all over the body with this pose thus reducing infections of many kinds.
      • The Bridge pose. With the back of the shoulders and the bottom of the feet firmly on the ground, lifting the torso all the way up is the best way to stretch the chest and with it the thymus gland which is located in the heart cavity & produces our T-cells, a variant of our WBCs which help us fight infections and strengthen our immune system.

Tough times they say, don’t last. But tough folks do. In the time that you now get to stay at home, try and do things positive for yourself so that the doors whenever they open get to usher a new you!

In a shocking way, it took a pandemic to get humanity to slow down to less-than walking speeds and enjoy all that we had practically given up in favour of speed and style. Cooped up at home, we are today more likely to play board games, sing and play indoor games, be with the family enjoying a staycation and most of all, talk to each other like normal humans instead of constantly staring at the screen of some or the other gadgets or gawking at expensive stuff in malls!

Make the most of it! Stay home, stay safe, stay happy!

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