I connected with Sumedha through Yoga and it feels as if my move, after more than a decade, from Delhi NCR to Bangalore was worth it! Sumedha not only taught me the asanas but also changed my outlook towards life....by following her one would realise how important it is to let go...to be patient and forgiving ... All through our yoga routines she would stress how important it was to be in sync with our body and mind and push the boundaries of our physical selves to slowly achieve that perfect posture .... never in a hurry...always respecting the physical limitations of each of our bodies...but also encouraging us to do better every day...She not only taught us the asanas but told us the meaning and the science behind them....also gave us homework so that we could research and in the process learn more about what it was that we were doing in the class...and why it was important to bend and stretch and achieve a particular posture! I will miss her and can’t wait for her to be back! She made a choice in her life , and I respect that ...I always wish her well and I feel that her future students/followers will be lucky to have her in their lives...Best of luck Sumedha...keep transforming lives through Yoga... Thank you very much! Yoga without you in the front will never be the same. Hope you have a beautiful life ahead just like the person that you are...always encouraging and full of love.